Even the smallest business is exposed to big problems. These problems could involve many parts of your business. The key is to have a basic understanding of the policies. A few important definitions are outlined below.

Property insurance covers the physical parts of your business. These are things like your building, equipment, furnishings, fixtures, inventory, computers, records and other valuable items. Property insurance can also help provide income if your business can’t operate for a time after a covered loss.

Business liability insurance also protects your business if your company is sued for bodily injury or property damage to someone else.

Commercial auto insurance is similar to insurance on your own car. Commercial auto insurance provides listed coverage options that protect you and your assets from claims made against your commercial auto policy.

Workers Compensation insurance is there whether you have one employee or a hundred. Most states require you to have workers compensation insurance. This insurance protects employees by providing benefits for job-related injuries or illnesses. It also protects the employer against lawsuits related to employees’ injuries or illnesses.